About Eats4Beats

Black Foodie X Black Artist X Black Experiences

Eats4beats Mission:

The Eats4Beats mission is to support and empower the black culinary and creative community by highlighting their brand and business through quality content, advertising, and marketing

What we do:

Content Creation

Culinary & Artist Interviews

Event Media Coverage

foodie & artist events

word on the street:

It was an amazing experience from the food to the conversation. I felt safe and comfortable in the space, it felt good to be around folks that supported me.

Very professional but also very chill. I think the concept of Eats4Beats is a great! I like that you guys are consistent and really starting to create your own food content! Those pizzas always look awesome! I love that you put the shine-on up-and-coming artist that may not be an Instagram celebrity such as myself but is really dope! Lol, peace ✌🏾 & blessings to y’all!!

The Eats4beats experience was totally professional. It was my first time ever doing something like this and I was nervous however these sisters were patient with me and made me feel comfortable.

It was great from the text and emails to the in person meet up! It was my first interview and I had a blast working with the eats4beats team!